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Rule Change discussion: Non-DOT Approved Tires in ST3/TT3

Greg G.

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I run a car (Tube frame third gen RX7) in ST3 that was originally set up to run GT3 in the SCCA world.  I use 15x7 rims and using canteliever bias ply slicks (only Goodyear and Hoosier make these) since the rims size / canteliever tires work around the clearances of suspension bits.  

I am in complete agreement with the previous comment that the folks on a DOT R-Compound tires come on almost immediately.  (Maybe it's the driver, as in me), but I can lose a place at the beginning of the race.  Then I spend the rest of the race trying to find a way to get around them after my tires create some heat.  I does make for some good racing.  

Most of our races are sprint races.  I don't see the non-DOT tires being a benefit in these races.   Maybe a different NON-DOT factor for Enduros, but IMO, I don't thing the factor is off.

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I don't like any rules differentiating ST3 from ST1 and ST2.  I don't care about the tires in particular, but keep them all the same.   


It's bad enough that ST4 is unique and the series' directors don't enforce the rules.  





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