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Technical Bulletin: Hood Vent revised rule 6-17-19

Greg G.

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Technical Bulletin:

We have revised the wording and punctuation of the hood vent rule revision from April 24th.  There is no functional change--just improved clarity of the wording.


"5)  Hood replacement/modification for venting and/or weight reduction only.  Vent lips/flaps/dams, louvers, and vent insert mounting hardware must not protrude more than 3/8” from the hood surface.  (“aero” hood pins are permitted)."


Enforcement of the revised Hood Vent rules in ST1-4 & SU Rules, section 6.3.5, and ST5 & ST6 Rules, section will begin on July 1, 2019. 


(Note that these do not apply to SU, ST1, ST2, or non-BTM Aero ST3 vehicles).

Edited by Greg G.
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