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New Miata BP VVT engine, 11:1 CR, overbore, upgrades


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Hi guys, I'm new to the forums but have been running with NASA since 2013. I'm located in the NorCal area (San Jose) and I have a Miata BP engine with zero miles on it for sale. Long story short, I got a Miata a few years ago for road use first, HPDE use second, thought the engine it came with was good until it was obvious it wasn't, then I got too excited and ahead of my own knowledge (I got into the car for the chassis work, not engines!) and got a cool engine built for the car, only to realize that I'm realistically never going to get this thing to pass CA smog...some people apparently manage it, but I got cold feet and got a stock motor again instead. My eagerness is your bargain opportunity! This would be a great HPDE motor, maybe an ST4/5 engine, or a cool street motor for someone who can figure out passing smog (visual + sniffer on an OBD1 car) or is registered out of CA.

The engine was professionally built by Trackspeed Engineering in late 2017, and sat snug as a bug in a rug under the car's hood (the car was covered) through 2018 while I did my 9-to-5 and scratched my head on things. I checked the car/engine frequently enough to know there were never any rodent issues or anything like that. The engine builder was responsible for all the internal work as well as sealing the oil pan, setting timing, installing timing covers, installing the front damper, and painting/installing the valve cover. The engine has the following upgrades from a stock 01-05 VVT engine:

  • 2.5 mm overbore, 11:1 compression forged Wiseco pistons (results in 1952 cc displacement)
  • Manley H-Beam connecting rods
  • Heavy duty valve springs with titanium retainers
  • Boundary Engineering billet oil pump
  • ACL race main and connecting rod bearings
  • ATI SuperDamper harmonic damper front crank pulley

I have dressed the engine myself, following all appropriate torque specs and using new OEM or Mahle seals, with the following items. If you just want the long block or intake side I'm happy to negotiate where to "make the split" and adjust pricing accordingly. The reason the engine has 1999 JDM parts is because that was the original core I stripped to give to the engine builder; Trackspeed then offered me a VVT core off their shelf:

  • 1999 JDM 2-piece intake manifold with new OEM manifold gasket
  • 1999 JDM throttle body and IACV. TPS is 3-pin style. Throttle body gasket is new.
  • OEM oil cooler block, with new block seal and new large capacity oil filter
  • 1999 JDM oil pressure sender
  • 1999 JDM return-style fuel rail, FPR, and injectors (should be compatible with NA chassis fuel systems - swap with USDM NB fuel rail for USDM NB install)
  • 1999 JDM injector/CLT (3-pin)/ignition harness (should be compatible with NB chassis wiring - swap with NA injector harness for NA install)
  • New NGK platinum spark plugs
  • New OEM VICS solenoid with new vacuum hoses and new check valve (check valve orientation has been double-checked; arrow on check valve points to throttle body)
  • New knock sensor with new pigtail
  • New OEM CAS and CPS sensors (01-05 style), with new pigtails
  • New VVT pigtail
  • New OEM PCV valve, grommet seal, and hose
  • Front coolant neck with new seals, and new thermostat (thermostat passed the boiling water test)
  • Rear coolant neck with new seals (I can provide a newer 2-pin CLT at no charge if desired)
  • Coolant outlet pipe (front left side of engine) with new seal

The engine developed good oil pressure and did not leak oil or coolant while testing and cranking it in the car with a MegaSquirt 3 ECU. I didn't get it started (I'm guessing due to the base map I had on the ECU), and I needed to stop spending time on this and get to work on the stock motor.

I can provide additional new crank/cam sensors with the engine if desired, a newer remanufactured NA starter motor if desired, and a power steering bracket with hardware. The engine as it sits cost me approximately $7500, plus 9+ months of wait time for the build and some of my own labor, and did not come with any warranty from the original builder (transferable or otherwise); I am asking $4500 OBO for the engine in its dressed state. (I'd approximate that the intake manifold side of things is worth approximately $500 of that and the remaining $4000 is in the long block.) I'd prefer a local pickup here in San Jose, but am willing to drive several hours out of the San Jose area to meet someone partway for pickup if needed.

Please email me at [email protected] with any questions or offers you may have :)







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Price reduction to $4000 OBO. (That can be considered $3600 OBO for the longblock with damper and $400 OBO for the intake side). Receipts available upon request.

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The engine has been sold, thank you for your interest. The intake manifold and a few other parts will be posted up in a separate for-sale ad on miata.net soon.

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