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SoCal — Wanna race?


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I have been a member of an endurance racing team for about eleven years, and will likely continue to race with that team.  We have used a Dodge Neon (1st gen) and have had reasonable success over the years in Lemons, Chumpcar and Lucky Dog series.   We even managed an outright overall win at a true 24 hour race at Buttonwillow, as well as a couple wins in seven hour events.   We have generally been able to finish in the top 10% of all competitors, and have had only two DNF races since we started in 2009.  

As I mentioned, I will likely continue with the existing team although that team may not be available to compete in every TERC event that may be scheduled for 2020, and thus, may be interested in putting together another team.   For what it is worth, I already have another Neon that is ready to race in substantial part (e.g. stripped out; roll cage installed; racing seat and harness; couple of trick parts; a couple of sets of wheels; etc.). It would need a kill switch, fire extinguisher (or fire suppression system), window and driver’s side net; and perhaps a brake upgrade (relatively cheap for a Neon).   It may also need an onboard camera, and a radio  communication system might be nice. 

I am based in SoCal but am willing to travel as far as Thunderhill (and maybe even as far as Arizona) depending on my available time.  So, if you are interested, let’s talk.  I prefer our initial contact to be by email to [email protected] or text at 818-588-6889.   While the TERC rules do not require a competition license, and apparently no track experience, at least some track experience is preferable, but not necessarily required.  Again, let’s talk.  

Neon not your cup of tea?  I do have some other potential race cars available, but they would require more work to be track ready.  Again, if you are interested, let me know. 



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