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Karl Poeltl

e46 330i former World Challenge car - $36,900

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Karl Poeltl


This car was professionally built to compete in the SCCA World Challenge Touring car series in the mid-2000's. No expense has been spared. It is currently equipped with a freshly rebuilt (9/2018) 3 liter engine producing approx 360hp at the rear wheels  And would slot right into GTS4 or a similar class.  . Below is an itemized list of items that are in the car. The parts in the chassis and the engine add up to over $110k, not to mention the labor...Check out the engine build details at http://www.forgedpistonparts.com/blog/bmw-e46-m54b30-engine-build/  (The only difference being this time we rebuilt it with 2 compression rings to get longer engine life.)   I didn't see a way to add pictures to  this posting but can send you any you might be interested in.

Rear subframe reinforcement kit
Subframe solid AL bushings
Differential solid AL bushings
Enigine solid AL mounts
Trans solid AL mounts
Rear trailing arm spherical bearing kit
Spherical bearing cartridges for upper control arm - inner
Spherical bearing cartridges for lower wheel upright - outer
Spherical bearing cartridges for upper wheel upright - outer
Caster mount custom spherical bearing kit
Front control arm outer spherical bearing kit
Custom front Camber Plates
Media blast undercoating and strip to bare metal
Motec M600 with CAM control & Max data memory
Motec Harness with Ignitors, MAP, BAP & Lambda sensors
Moton Double adjustable Motorsport shocks
Moton upper rear shock mounts
Motec Fuel Pressure sensor
Motec Oil Pressure sensor
hypercoil springs x 4
Wheel - BBS x 4 (8 x 17)
Wheels - SSR x 4 (8 x 17)
Wheels - Team Dynamics x 4 (9 x 17)
wheel spacers
Brembo Motorsports 332 x 32mm front Rotors (x2) ( 1 weekend)
Brembo front calipers from 993 Porsche
Stoptech front brake rotor hats
Custom front mounting brackets
Stoptech Stainless steel brake lines
Cage tied to chassis at A and B pillars chassis, cage extends to Front and rear strut towers. 
Chassis seam welded
Customs AL Radiator
Custom Air Box 
Fluidyne 650 Engine Oil Cooler
Auto Verdi dry sump
Reduction pulley for dry sump
Brown & Miller Oil hoses for dry sump tank
Brown & Miller Wiggins fittings & hoses for pump
Through firewall grommets for dry sump hoses
Petterson 5 gallon oil tank
Peterson - Micro filter for dry sump
Custom oil takeoff on block for oil cooler & dry sump
Headers - stainless steel with Swain coating
Blanton rear limited slip differntial with 3.91 gear
Optic Armor lexan windshield
Rear lexan window
Assorted factory BMW WTTC race parts
Coolant hoses & couplers- assorted
Davies Craig electric water pump
Tilton 5.5" 2 plate clutch & Flywheel
VAC Motorsports Adapter for Tilton throw out bearing
Deist Transmission balistic blanket
Turner Motorsports Rear Lower adjustable control arms
Wheel stud kit with nuts
hood pin kits
assorted NAS Fasteners
Fiber Imaged Carbon Fiber hood
Fiber Images Carbon Fiber deck lid
World Challenge Crawford Composites wing
Tilton Dual Master pedal setup
Tilton master cylinders for Brake
Tilton clutch master cylinder
Sparco Steering wheel
Sparco Hub adapter
Snap-off Quick disconnect
World Challenge approved BMW front bumper cover
Front splitter
2 tow strap
Schroth Hans 6 point Harness
Hotchkis Front sway bar
Custom front drop links
Custom Tie rods with Bump Steer adjust
Brake line end fittings
Roll Bar padding
Helmet net
M3 side mirrors
Optima Battery yellow top battery
Kill switch
Fire protection system 4 liters AFFF
BMW Mini Cooper Electric Power steering pump custom hoses & fittings
finned rear diff cover for heat extraction
Non sunroof roof skin
Burn stainless muffler & assorted stainless parts
Side exhaust with Burns Stainless mufflers
Canton coolant expansion tank
14" coolant fan
24 lb coolant cap
Canton coolant catch can
K&N filter in custom air box
Racetech seat
Racetech AL seat bracket
Front CL 4001RC6E pads 
Rear CL 4001RC6E pads
Canton remote oil filter housing
Peterson dry sump pressure regulator
Mandrel drive for dry sump - assorted parts
Custom spindles - front
Custom AL front & rear bumper brackets

Engine build details below:
Arrow solid lifter kit
ARP head stud kit
Head & porting work
Block & crank prep etc…
Ferrea 1mm oversize 34mm Intake valve
Ferrea Exhaust valves
Ferrea Titatium retainers
Ferrea spring seat locator
Iwis racing timing chain
Ferrea valve springs
Custom World Challenge approved camshafts, 10.5 mm lift
Lash caps
DLC coating of cam shafts
precision wrist pins 
BMW E46 M3 IDA throttle body
Custom adapter fir Throttle bodeis
TMW Fuel Press regulator
ATI harmonic Balancer
Pauter Rods
Wossner custom forged Pistons
Peterson fuel filter 35 micron
Custom airbox
Main bearings
lower end gasket set
upper end gasket set
Iwis racing intake valve chain
new Valve chain tensioner
new chain guides
chain guide rail
larger Fuel injectors
fuel rail modified
ARE dry sump pan

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Joe B

Hello, still for sale? If it is, can you please send some pics?


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