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New to NASA, long time SCCA.  I'd like to run NASA Time Trials next year, and just getting my arms around the requirements I have as a driver, and also figuring out the class I would run.  Driver stuff is pretty clear.  Classing my car, however, is a bit of a fog.  Appears that I need to get a dyno sheet for my car?  In simplistic terms, could someone please walk through the steps of getting my car classified?  For reference, it's a 2000 Mazda Miata.  Powertrain is all stock, coil overs, sway bars, 15x9 wheels, roll bar, two UltraShield racing seats with 6-point harnesses (out of date).  A couple additional questions.... what tires are run in TT (200tw street tires, racing slicks, etc) and do my belts need to be current?

Thanks in advance.



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Mike, aside from reading up on the NASA CCR and the Super Tuner / Time Trials 2019 Rules, here's a link to the ST / TT Car Classification Form/Calculator.  1st step, you'll need to know your cars weight to hp ratio, each ST/TT Class is based on that ratio.  The Calculator does all the work, plug in your data and it tells you what class you fall into.  It's also nice in telling you if you need to add or lose weight and/or hp in order to fall into a specific class.  The CCR & ST/TT Rules explains more on how the calculator works and other factors such as tires, modifications, etc.   As for stepping right into TT, based on your past experience in SCCA, that you'd have to discuss with your Regional TT Director.



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For TT, belts do not need to be current, but they do need to be in very good condition (e.g., no fraying, unusual wear, discolorations, etc. that would compromise their function).

2000 Miatas are usually a really good fit in TT6, and I would run Hoosiers even though you lose a small W/P benefit from running a less grippy tire.

Get a dyno sheet for the car and figure weight from that using the classification calculator.

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