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Suggested starting height for a 91 Civic


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We're building a 91 Civic and just recently added coilovers.  Setting ride height is new to me.  We're heading to a test and tune this weekend.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a starting ride height?  Or how to go about setting the ride height?


For what it's worth we're running 600/550 lb springs.

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600F/550R or vise-versa?
What's your sway bar setup?

If those two questions lead me to believe the car would understeer, maybe try 0.25 to 0.5 inches of rake.

But if not, I'd go for ~5" from ground to jack point on a DC/EG...should be similar for EF.

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Correct.  600F/550R.

Stock front bar and I believe a 23mm rear.

We ran the car 5 1/4" from the pinch weld with ~1/4" of rake.  It was our first time out with the new springs and rear bar.  I'd like a bit more rotation.  

Next we're going to take out some of the rear camber and maybe go a couple turns lower.  Also check to see how much shock travel we have left.


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