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TT/ST5 Rules Clarification - Eccentric Bushing in Knuckle


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I am having a custom eccentric bushing made for the front knuckles to avoid the penalty for modifying the control arm AND bushing. 

As I read the rules it actually seems to not incur a penalty. 

The key is the control arms, camber arms/links, pan hard bars, watts links, torque arms, aren’t being modified here. Is an eccentric bushing (according to the builder) added to a knuckle falling into this no modification:

“Adjustable plates, shims, and eccentric bolts and bushings for camber/caster adjustment are not assessed a Modification Factor.”


I'm in section 6.1.9



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I think that this would apply:
6) Non-OEM metallic and/or spherical design replacement suspension bushing modifications on control/camber/toe arms/links, panhard rods, watts links, and
torque arms shall be assessed a Modification Factor which is in addition to and
additive to #4 & #5 above. (Includes replaced, modified, adjustable, or altered
control arm ball joints for roll-center correction or camber/caster adjustment.
Note: ball joint may be welded to the spindle for added strength).
They are non-OEM bushings, and they are metallic.
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