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2020 GTS Rules Draft and the Long term plan statement.

Michael G.

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Long term vision plan for GTS Series for 2020.


To continue in the tradition of the sharing the views of the Regional GTS Leaders in the discussions and considerations for the Rules changes and the future direction of the Series.

As it was planned and announced last year the changes in the Ratios will be:

GTS 1 – no changes – will stay at 1 to 17 / 18.

GTS 2 – will change from current 1 to 14 / 15 to 13.5 / 14.5.

GTS 3 – will change from 1 to 11 / 12 to 10 / 11.

GTS 4 and GTS 5 – basic DOT based ratio will remain the same as before (8.5 for 4 and 6.6 – for 5), but the penalty for racing slicks will be removed – any tire of driver’s choice will be assessed as current DOT. The reason to remove the penalty for slicks in 4 and 5 is driven by the choice of the majority of the drivers in the higher budget classes choosing tire compounds based on the best performance for the given car, not slight allowance in the ratio or the cost.

Committee doesn’t expect to consider any changes in Ratios for any classes in the future.


We recognize the differences and the range of opinions expressed on the topics of additional penalties for the Autocross compounds tires as well as wider tire sizes in the Series.

The committee unanimously agreed on not penalizing Autocross compounds and the wider tire sizes in the Series at this time. Both issues are viewed as part of the overall car set up, which involves many components, including but not limited to the choices of suspension, weight, power, aerodynamics, brakes and others, which must remain open adhering to the fundamental principles of the GTS. Furthermore, we recognize that the benefits of the wider set ups are prevalent in the higher HP classes of 4 and 5 – classes we believe must remain the most open.

The benefits of the wider tires in the lower power classes as singled out performance advantage component are not certain.

At the same time, we recognize the difference in the environment in the more budget-oriented classes of 1, 2 and 3 as well as the continued perception by the number of drivers of the benefits in performance offered by the wider tire sizes. We will continue observe, collect data and analyze the performance dedicating time and resources including collecting on board data from the number of cars during 2020 and will revisit the issue for 2021.

In regard to the onboard compliance units – we finally received the Can Bus ECU cables from AIM and will start actively testing on selective cars in the all Regions in 2020. We are hoping to develop and implement the compliance protocol for regular use in 2021.

The committee greatly appreciates everyone’s input and participation in the discussions and support given to the series. It is expected to have the difference in opinions[MG1] . We believe all drivers act in support and with the best intentions for the future of the GTS.


GTS Regional Directors.


2020 GTSRulesFINAL copy, gjkR2.1[7201].doc

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