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Track Width


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The rules are not clear to me on track width.

Front shall not exceed 1450mm

Rear shall not exceed 1475mm

Yet the NA and NB both have different track width.


Does anyone have an outside to outside measurement, which if exceeded, means you are not compliant? and if so, how would you measure it?

Use a square to the floor and abut against the outside of the tire both sides and then move the car and measure?    or

use a straight edge across the face of the tire outside to the floor, mark floor both sides, move car and measure?


The only common thread about offset within NASA is: if you run a 25mm offset you are legal. However I was just doing some winter maintenance on a NA I purchased last year, it has NB uprights and with the 25mm wheel I would be wider (so illegal and also illegal with the NB uprights). If there were a known measurement and an accepted way to measure offset then I would have discovered the overwidth earlier.

Finally anyone who has played with their offset knows that a few millimeters wider will enable you to be faster in the corners, so why isn't this clearly addressed?





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I received an answer.

Track width is measured from the inside of one wheel to the outside of the opposite wheel, at the hub centerline. Do this at the at the front and rear of each tire set and average the measurements.

I built a tool that will assist me with this measurement.

this tool is measuring on the tire (which is less accurate than on the wheel) but will at least get me close.

I will modify it later to measure on the wheel.

see attached photo. Full_tool.thumb.jpg.dd5fb4ae793eacea21fb5cb413f429ff.jpg

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