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2020 Rules Director's Cut

Al F.

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About this time of year I create a post describing the RCRs that were incorporated into the rules and those that weren't...except that usually this time of year the rules have been published. I'm not sure what the hold up is, though I am reasonably sure its not a CMC thing since we submitted our rules to NASA HQ by Oct. 31 and none of the other classes are published either. In any case, I'm sure they'll be published soon, but I thought you would find it useful to know what will be changing. IF something differs in the actual published rules set then I'll edit this post accordingly. SO...on to the revisions for 2020.

RCR #1, dealing with refinements to 6.21.5 was approved and therefore we will not count the radiator as part of the defined "bleed" required to justify your system not being "ram air". To finish off the refinement, we also edited 6.5.2 to clearly allow those modifications to also serve for routing air into the engine air filter assembly.

RCR #2 was approved, a simple deletion of remnant S197 language from back when they were allowed in 5.9. No impact to any current cars.

RCR #3 was quite an interesting discussion and here is the situation. We, the directors, really like the idea of allowing the Torqhead ignition system into the series. This is by far the most elegant and simple way to rid an LT1 of the optyspark and we will therefore make it legal. However, since we did not have time to fully flush out the exact wording we want, we will allow it for 2020 only through direct collaboration with your regional director (for him to ensure the specifics). As soon as we are comfy with specific wording details, we will edit the rules via a tech bulletin to formally incorporate this hardware. If you want to help and be the first guinea pig, reach out!!

One other change that was never a formal RCR was editing the Power and Weight Table in 7.1. It turns out that we had a loop hole where only some S195s were being hit with a weight bump for running an aluminum block. So, we cleaned that up; running an aluminum block in any car results in a higher min weight than the same car with an iron block. 

That's it...I love the fact that our rules are stable year over year, and look forward to racing and hanging out with you guys soon. Many thanks to the other directors for their time and effort discussing these and moving to decisions!!

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