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Dry break, and other Pit Stop questions


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1.  For refueling, are "Dry Break" systems allowed, as long as I am still using 5 gallon Jugs?

2.  For fuel jugs not specifically shown in the appendix, can I submit these to be inspected and approved by my local NASA staff, or do I have to submit them here for national approval and inclusion in the appendix?  

3.  The rules state that only 1 refueling location is allowed.  My car has 2.  The stock fuel cap, and the dry break.  Am I allowed to compete, as long as I only use 1 of these (the other could be taped over, etc)?

4.  I don't see any mention of minimum number of pitstops, or maximum time between pitstops.  Is there a rule?  If not, NASA may want to add one (pretty much every cheap endurance race organization has these rules).  Without these rules, cars with max size tanks, and/or cars that get better MPG will have an advantage.  The 10 gallons max per pitstop tries to address this I think, but it's not enough.  A miata can go a lot longer on 10 gallons than a mustang.  A good rule would be:   "minimum number of pitstops during the race = (race time in minutes / 45) - 1"     This would work out to approx 45 minutes between stops, or, more likely, a long first stint (starting full of fuel), and then 30-45 minute stints after that.


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Without these rules, cars with max size tanks, and/or cars that get better MPG will have an advantage.

You're saying this like it's a bad thing...

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My original questions and concerns still stand.

I would very much like to participate in TREC with my former IMSA Koni Challenge RX-8.


Since it was a semi-pro built car, it uses dry-break refueling, which, by the current rules, prevents me from being able to participate.

Many WRL/AER cars also use dry-break, and are currently being left out by the NASA rules.


If we have minimum pit-stop times, and 10 gallon maximum refueling, then I really cant understand why dry-break would make a difference.  There really isn't a competitive advantage to being able to refuel in 20s instead of 1 minute.
From a safety perspective, dry-break systems spill significantly less fuel than traditional jugs, and if doing a 10 gallon fill-up, completely emptying 2 dry break jugs, a dry break would spill zero gas. 

Hopefully the 2022 rules can make consideration for cars like mine, and I can start participating.

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Following up on my previous questions:

The 2022 rules did in fact allow dry breaks:

"8.3. Refueling equipment

8.3.1. All TREC classes may use a dry-break valve (male) Redhead – 1.75-inch probe with 1.50-inch hose barb, 1.25-inch I.D. Bore. Dry-break / hose must be attached to a NASA approved 5-gallon container. See appendix A. NOTE: The additional expense of dry-break systems is not required during a 5-minute pit stop.

8.3.2. All classes are prohibited from using any type of “quick-fill method.” The definition of “quick-fill method” (for the sake of prohibition) is refueling a vehicle using any of the following items: Fuel containers other than the standard approved* 5-gallon plastic fuel cans, specialized nozzles (aircraft), non-approved “Dry Breaks” (Nextel Cup / IMSA), fuel pumps (of any type), electric power tools, wheels (for any purpose), support stands, pressurized containers, vacuum tank/cells or other devices deemed, by the Race Director, to be outside the spirit and intent of these rules..."


Unfortunately, these rules still make my car (and many other Enduro cars from other series) illegal, because the larger diameter dry breaks are not allowed.

Could someone please explain the logic behind this rule?

Why would one size of dry break be allowed, but not another?

The only advantage to the larger imsa style is that the fuel goes in even faster (5 gallon jug in roughly 5 seconds).  But, as the rules clearly state, there is no practical advantage to this, since the pit stops are 5 minutes long regardless.

I would really like to participate in trec, but for multiple years the rules have prevented me from doing so. I am not going to downgrade my car just to make it comply with this arbitrary rule.


-Matt.  Great lakes hpd4

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