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Number and classification marking size


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per the rule in ST6/5 in 9.1: 


All NASA ST cars must display the car’s number on both sides and the front and rear of the car. Numbers must be of a contrasting color to the car or otherwise clearly visible, at least 10-inches tall with a 1.5-inch stroke for the sides, and four (4) inches tall for the front and rear. NASA ST cars must also display a class designation on both sides and the front and rear of the car in a four-inch height in contrasting color to the car. Class Designations shall be ST followed by the group number.

This specifies the height and the stroke width of the larger 10" numbers and 1.5" stroke width.  Do the 4" numbers and letters than also need to still be 1.5" in stroke width or since they are only 4" tall they can have a narrower stroke width than 1.5"?

Thank you.

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  • National Staff

The width is only listed for the side numbers.  There is no specification for stroke width for the front and rear, but they  must be visible.

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