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1996 Mazda Miata + R Package Parts Car


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Price $3500 obo
Payment: Cash, USPS Money orders, Paypal

Contact Info:

Sergio B

undiaf1 at yahoo dot com

I have two Miatas for sale as a package. My intention was to take the good parts from the parts car and put them on the undamaged car. I no longer have the time or space to do this so it's better for me to sell the cars. I have titles for both cars in my name.

One is a restore project and the second has some tree damage so it's best used as a parts donor. Only selling as a package. Don't ask me about parts as I'm not parting out.

1996 Miata C Package 249,897 miles:
-Car runs and drives
-A/C works
-Power steering, power windows, cruise control
-Snugtop Hardtop (Not OEM)
-Roller over hoops (Unknown brand)
-Scratches dents and dings, but no rust as it is a southern car.
-Puncture type hole on the driver side rocker in front of the rear tire.
-Suspension feels worn out.
-Valve cover gasket needs a reseal.
-Oil pan needs a reseal.
-Engine was rebuilt at 200k miles according to the previous owner.
-Timing Belt changed at 200k miles
-Warm engine compression test for this vehicle was 165psi, 163 psi, 170 psi, 168 psi.
-Has a check engine light P0335 Cranksensor
-Shifter feels loose
-I think clutch slave cylinder might need attention

-Has Torsen 2 LSD

1994 Miata R Package 104,000 miles:
-Car Runs and Drives
-A/C Works
-Manual Steering
-Manual Windows
-Dents around body
-Crushed windshield frame from tree damage
-Hydraulic Lifter noise. (Clears up with some time and revs)
-Surface rust on exposed metal
-Has some smoke at tailpipe when you rev engine. I think valve seals might need attention.
-Full R Package Suspension
-Transmission still feels good when shifting
-Warm Compression 190psi, 193psi, 190psi, 192psi

-Has Torsen 1 LSD

**Sold as is**
**For Sale Only, No Trades Accepted**












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