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Classing a GTS car

Ryan CieChanski

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Been reading the classing system and using the calculator. I'm having trouble figuring this out (as easy as it seems). 

I'm stuck with a particular car (S52 Z3M). 

I haven't dyno'd the car yet, but it looks like stock S52 motors come in around 200-205whp and about 210-220 tq. 

Using the online calculator, GTS1 showed about 3,400 lbs. GTS2 showed about 2,600lbs. and GTS3 1,900 or so. Looks like it would "naturally class" in GTS2. Pretty sure I can't get down to 1,900 within normal people budgets.

Can I even run a S52 car in GTS1? It looked like I could until I keep reading about CC restrictions, but don't really see that called out anywhere. I know it would be porky. 

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your car would fit perfectly into GTS2. I have a fair amount of experience setting up semi rear trailing arm cars so shoot me a message if you need help. would love to help in any way I can! what region with you be running with. 

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  • National Staff

Not trolling at all. If a national champion offered to help me, I'd call that opportunity. 


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I would be in the great lakes region.  Hoping to send the car off for cage install and get the rear diff/trunk floor fixed soon........as soon as I can leave my house.


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