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Coming from SCCA

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I have been racing Spec Miata in SCCA for several years.  With all the schedule disruptions related to COVID, I'm looking at signing up for some NASA sanctioned races.  As near as I can tell, I will need to get a NASA logbook for my car, a NASA license, and a set of Toyo RR tires.  The only requirement for badges that I could find was the need to have a NASA patch on my driving suit, and 4 NASA stickers on the car.  The driver's window net requirement is also more restrictive than it is in SCCA.

Is there anything that I'm missing?

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Greg G.

Welcome to NASA!

If your SCCA Medical was not signed by a doctor (was done by a PA or NP), you need to get the doctor to cosign your old Medical, or just get a new one using the NASA Medical form. If you use the SCCA Medical, you need to fill out the non-NASA Medical Form.  If you are over 45, you need to send in a 12-lead EKG also.  But, that's all I can think of beside what you have listed. 

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Hi Greg,

My personal physician is a NP and my recent (1 month ago) SCCA Medical was performed/signed by her. Even if I make a new appointment for another check up for a NASA Medical, it will still likely be performed by her. Does the NASA Medical have to be signed by a MD rather than a NP? During these times of Covid, it is quite hard to find a MD that is taking new patient signups. 

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