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TCM not communicating/functioning


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I am getting an intermittent transmission problem. I believe, and it has been suggested by the shop that I use, that the problem is a short somewhere. This truck is my first diesel and I've only had it a few months so I'm just starting to try and figure this out. What I see is a group of symptoms: I am loosing gear indication in the cluster as well as speed and transmission temp. At the same time I am getting the 'break' 'abs' and "service break system" information. These things all happen together but not always completely in sync, sometimes I have speed with no gear indication. The breaks operate fine and the only actual problem that occurs is that the transmission stays in one drive gear when the problem arises. When this first started my OBD/lighter fuse was blown. When my codes were read there several transmission codes including a loss of communication with test TCM duramax. While the problem is happening diagnostics cannot communicate with the transmission. I don't know if TCM can fail intermittently or not but I believe this combination of symptoms may point to the location of a short. I REAAAALY need my truck and my shop can't get me in until the 5th of DEC!! I don't trust non-specialists with this truck. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

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