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Rule Proposal - Change allowed AWD dynos in GTS to match TT


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I propose that the allowed AWD dynos in GTS be expanded to match what is available in the TT rules.

"3) All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles may be tested on a Dynojet, Mustang, Dyno Dynamics, or Dynapack dynamometer. Mustang and Dyno Dynamics results will have 10% added for calculations."  

This change is needed for consistency between NASA GTS / TT, and also because AWD Dynojet Facilities are few and far between.  

Doug Schuler

Rocky Mountain GTS3 

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I don't have issue with this change.  It can certainly be a challenge to find an awd dyno that links front and rear wheels for cars that need a rolling road.  

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This is very reasonable, it is very difficult to find multiple AWD dyno options in some regions. I've had to use a mustang dyno for my AWD car in TT and ST over the years, never an issue there.

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