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AI Car for sale or Rent


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FOR SALE 2002-2003 American Iron West Championship Car

1986 Mustang Coupe, full Griggs suspension, Coleman/Wilwood Brakes, Coleman pedals, Tilton master cylinders, 3550 TKO II with .83 fifth gear, Griggs 8.8/9in highbred cambered rear end, 31spling axles, Gold Trac differential, Auto Meter gauges. 317hp 306ci engine.


This car was built from the ground up. The whole tub was powder coated after all of the fabrication was completed, and built as an AI car from the beginning.Enclosed trailer and second engine available


Guy Cunningham

If interested email at [email protected]

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Guy, I'm curious what sort of ballpark figure you're looking to get for this car. I'm not in the market though, it is just curiosity.


Then again, I have been contemplating selling the M3. Sure would shake up the ol' Knight household if I got me a brand F AI car.



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Ok since people are curious the price is $35,000 firm. Remember this is a proven car and will come with all the setup sheets and is completely turn key, all you will have to do is adjust the pedals.

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