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FS: Street/Open Track 1986 Mustang GT

Adam Ginsberg

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Yes, it's true, my 1986 GT is up for sale. Willing to trade for a truck/Suburban/Tahoe/Expedition, or similar.


Why?? Simple - now that I have a dedicate race/open track car it's impossible to justify the street car, I need money for the 2004 racing season ( I want a podium finish!! ), as well as needing the money to buy another vehicle for towing. I have a few spare items for it, all listed below. Pics of its build up, recent photos, etc are available upon request.


Many pics are available on my website although some of the specs on the site are outdated. This supercedes the specs on the website.


Most recent pic of the car: 86gt-1.jpg


Asking Price: $8500, or best offer ( I'll negotiate, but refuse to give the car away ). This is a well documented, well prepared, and well built car using quality items. Please take that into consideration when tendering an offer. I'm not separating parts off the car - it goes in full running condition.




I bought this car from the second owner in May of 1997 with ~96,xxx miles, and it was 100% bone stock. Stock all the way down to the struts/shocks, original spark plugs, spark plug wires, etc. All of the upgrades and work have been performed by me, with the exception of the engine build, and gear swap. However, I did the engine, tranny, and brake installation/conversion, seat installation, etc, myself. Well, with the help of my wife and 2 sons.


It's ALWAYS been garaged.


It was my daily driver for 3.5 years - 2 when it was completely stock, and ~1.5 years after the motor and blower were installed. Yes, you read correctly - it was daily driven for nearly 2 years AFTER the full motor and blower install. The ONLY reason it isn't a daily driver any longer is because I have a company vehicle.


I have EVERY receipt for nearly EVERY part ever purchased for this car - motor, heads, intake, supercharger, MAF, etc, etc, etc. Tuneups done twice yearly ( last tune up done this past summer and I still have the plugs that were pulled out that are available for inspection ). Oil changes performed EVERY 3000 miles with Mobil 1. Been using Mobil 1 since the required break in point of 1000 miles.


It's put down ~30 or so 1/4 passes. Best is a 12.8 @ 111+mph on worn Nitto Drag Radials ( I still have the slips from Ennis ). 3 open track events - 2 at Motorsport Ranch, and 1 at Texas Motorspeedway.


The last dyno was performed in February 2002. 375rwhp, 385rwtq. Solid conservative tune - air/fuel ration goes NO higher then 11.7:1, even on the most aggressive chip setting ( there are 3 settings on the chip ). It passed the recent Texas smog check in April 2003 with flying colors in it's current condition.


Everything in the car works - door locks, window lifts, clock, indicator lights, stereo, all gauges ( factory and aftermarket ), AC ( just needs to be recharged and will be fixed before completion of the sale ), heater, cruise control, etc.


What does it need??? Only a paint job, and a new home. The paint is not in horrible condition, but there are chips, door dings, and scratches. Typical for an 18 year old car.


Please be sure to read the spares, notes, new items and paperwork section at the end of this message.


Basic timeline of most mods:


Purchased - May 1997

New suspension, 5 lug front, 5 lug rear brakes - May 1998

New motor, Vortech Supercharger - Dec 1999

New T5z transmission - November 2000

Cobra front brakes and Tokico struts/shocks - January 2001

Cobra intake - June 2001

Upgrade from A-trim to S-trim, 42# injectors, 80MM MAF - November 2001

Last dyno session - February 2002




1986 Mustang GT, 158,xxx miles on car

Black with gray interior

New black carpet


Factory Cruise Control

Factory AC ( will be recharged, all components are in place, many new )

Power door locks

Power windows

Original rear seat in perfect condition, NOT faded

Eclipse CD/tuner with manual

Eclipse front speakers

Kenwood rear speakers


Appearance/Interior items and information:


1.5 year old Corbeau TRS front seats, black, lumber support option in drivers seat - link http://www.corbeau.com/brochure/TRS.shtml

1984 SVO rear sail panels

Ranger air dam

Grant GT leather steering wheel with functional cruise control buttons

Autometer shift light mounted on steering column

Ford/Lincoln/Mercury rearview mirror with auto-dimming and compass features

Custom modified 2-drink cup holder

Eyeball-style courtesy lights for driver and passenger ( replaces the articulated arm-style light from Ford that always breaks )

Polished radiator hold down

Original dash, in PERFECT condition - not a single crack, even in the speaker holes

Original, uncut door panels, in PERFECT condition

Original rear seat, no rips, tears, stains or fading

Factory rear window defroster, fully functional

WMS aluminum pedal covers ( great for heel and toeing )


Engine Specs:


Motor has 28,xxx miles, Mobil 1 oil since day one

Comes with original bob-weight card from the engine builder

.030 bored stock late model roller 302 block

TRW .030 forged pistons with flycut valve reliefs

Speed Pro Moly Rings

Shot peened, polished, fully stress relieved Ford connecting rods

ARP rod and main bolts

Fully prepared late model Ford crank

Torque plate bored and honed

Fully balanced and blueprinted

Block painted inside and out for improved oil flow

Screw in oil plugs

Stock Ford oil pump with FRPP hardened pumpshaft

Stock 1990 HO 5.0 roller cam

Stock roller lifters

Clevite 77 bearings

Stock new Ford flywheel

FRPP SFI harmonic balancer

Stock oil pan, with welded oil return fitting for supercharger

E7 heads, O-ringed, ARP screw in studs and guide plates, FRPP hardened push rods, FRPP 1.6 adjustable Roller Rockers and poly locks

ARP cylinder head bolts




Ported Cobra lower ( matches a FelPro 1262 gasket ), stock Cobra upper intake

Ford 93 Cobra coolant crossover tube

65mm FRPP throttle body

Ford IAC plate

New ARP intake bolts




JBA shorty headers

Stage 8 locking header bolts

Custom Dr. Gas X-pipe fitted with high flow Catco catalytic converters

Flowmaster 3 chamber cat-back w/stainless steel tips


Power Adder:


Vortech S-trim supercharger, original owner, registered with Vortech. This head unit has been upgraded - it was originally an A-trim, upgraded in 2001 through Ted Wilke's company ( which I highly recommend for superchargers, or supercharger work )

Produces a solid 11psi

AFM Power Pipe

Bosch/Vortech bypass valve

Cast aluminum discharge pipe ( standard Vortech stuff )

Braided stainless oil feed line

Stock Vortech 8-rib pulleys, both crank and blower

Gates belt


Fuel system:


Kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator

190lph intank pump

42# injectors

Stock lines and rails

Rewired fuel pump with 8ga wire




Griffin Mustang Aluminum radiator ( 1.5" tubes )

Lincoln Mark 8 electric fan

Edelbrock water pump




Converted from Speed Density to Mass Air System - A9L EEC

80mm Pro-M Mass Air Sensor calibrated for 42# injectors and supercharger

AutoLogic "switch-chip" burned by Byron Reynolds of RACE Systems in CA. 3 settings for chip.




Stock 86 distributor

Crane coil


FRPP 9mm plug wires

One range cooler Motorcraft plugs

FRPP cap and rotor




130g Alternator




T5z bought new. 11,xxx miles on tranny

Urethane tranny mount

FRPP King Cobra clutch, 28,xxx miles ( installed new with motor )

PRO 5.0 shifter

35th anniversary Ford Mustang brushed aluminum shifter ball with engraved shift pattern

Forte clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster


Rear end:


8.8, 3.55's, rebuilt 1.5 years ago with new bearings, FRPP Traction-Lok kit, extra clutches and plates installed

SVO/FRPP aluminum housing cover




Front - Eibach road race springs ( 750-850lb ), new FRPP lower front control arms with upgraded bushings and ball joints, Tokico 5-way adjustable struts, stock front sway bar, Griggs bumpsteer kit, BBK CC plates

Rear - Factory Five control arms, FRPP "C" springs, stock rear sway bar




Jamex adjustable strut tower brace, MM 4-point K-member brace, Griggs weld-in subframe connectors




85 Lincoln master cylinder, stock 86 power booster, adjustable prop valve

Front - Cobra 13" rotors, plain PBR 2-piston calipers ( identical to Cobra calipers but they don't have the Cobra lettering ), PFZ pads, 94/95 spindles properly drilled for the Griggs bumpsteer kit, 2 year old hubs

Rear - 1984 SVO disc brakes - 11" rotors, 54mm calipers, semi-metallic pads

Stainless steel lines throughout




1999 Mustang GT 17" rims ( 17"x8" ), Kumho 255.45.17 tires with ~8,000 miles. Rims in excellent shape, slick curb check on passenger rear rim. Inside of the rims clean, clean, clean - no brake dust, no grease. They look brand new.




Stock -

Original FMS 140mph speedometer

Stock tach, 100% accurate and verified on a chassis dyno

Stock water temp gauge

Stock ammeter gauge

Stock fuel level gauge

Stock oil pressure gauge


Aftermarket -


Autometer 3, 2 1/16" gauge full pillar gauge pod, part #12101

Autometer Ultra-Lite 2 1/16" Mechanical boost gauge, part #4301

Autometer Ultra-Lite 2 1/16" Electric water temp gauge, part #4337

Autometer Ultra-Lite 2 1/16" Electric fuel pressure gauge, part #4363


more continued on next post

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T-tops - 2 driver and 2 passenger T-tops. 1 driver T-top has a broken handle. All the rest are in excellent condition, and 2 full sets of interior plastic trim come with them ( one set is in the car, the other set is on the spare T-tops ).

Extra plates and clutches for 8.8 Traction Lok

Gray carpeting for rear hatch area

24 Motorcraft spark plugs, one range cooler then stock

GT40 iron heads with new valve springs, no rockers

Extra "pills" for the Autometer shift light

Extra "pills" for the MSD ignition box

Original sunvisors

Drivers side dash plate ( covers the gauges )

Original stereo ( Ford Premium sound w/cassette and equalizer )

TFI module

Assorted stock pieces



If you want the the GT40 heads installed on the car, and re-dyno'd, please contact me. Otherwise, they are simply included with the car.


New items:

AC Condensor

130g alternator

TFI module

Heater core

Smog pump

Full tune up ( plugs, cap, rotor, FRPP 9mm wires, fuel filter, PCV valve )

Rear hatch supports



Vortech install manual and certificate of ownership ( feel free to contact Vortech with the serial number of the blower for history/verification )

Engine build card

MSD installation paperwork

Tokico strut/shock paperwork

Speed Density to Mass Air conversion paperwork/install guide

Pro-M spec sheet for 80mm MAF

All 1/4 mile time slips from Ennis ( there are about 20 of them )

Any other paperwork I can find that a buyer may want

Ford IAC plate paperwork

Eclipse stereo/CD head unit manual

Gates belt jackets for the blower and accessories

Every dyno sheet, with dates, ever completed, including the last set on a floppy.

Original 1986 Ford owners manual

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