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Newbie needs help: Porsche/BMW & Cost??


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I was hoping someone could give me an unbiased opinion (if that exists) as I am being pushed in two directions.

Context: I am new to the HP car world and would like to start getting track time to learn learn learn. Maybe, in a few years, racing is an option. But for now, HPDE looks right.

Question 1: which would you chose:

Porsche Cayman S PDK 2009, or newer


BMW M2/M3 DCT 2011 or newer

I am in a wheelchair and use hand controls, so I need a fast automatic which is why I would do a 2009 onwards PDK or DCT. I would keep the car street legal with a roll cage, racing seats and other small adjustments. But in the beginning, very little mods and add as I learn. I would love to get away around $60,000 for the car - obviously less is better so I can spend more on track days, but that feels right. Yes, I know they both drive differently, which is why I am asking.

Question 2: What is a realistic budget to run a car for approximately 15+ track days a year.?

The variance on car tire costs, brakes, etc, is so wide, that it’s hard to even guestimate.

While I understand the “Porsche tax” exists, is it really THAT much more? And if so, is the difference in how they drive that much different I should just pony up the money?

A few things: The car will be for track-use. Not street use (other than to have it run to keep it healthy). I cant work on my own car, so I would have track-side help (not arrive and drive). The budget is just for running the car. No track fees or travel.

I really appreciate the help as I am being pushed in many directions by people who want to sell their car.

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