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Rule Proposal - Toyo RR & BTM Aero


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To help new car builds be competitive within the GTS series, I propose the adoption of 2 simple modifiers from the ST ruleset. 

1.  Tires with a UTQG rating of 100 or greater or Toyo RR +0.6

2.  BTM Aero +0.4

These modifiers have been established in the ST series and proven to be effective in creating a level playing field.

With the high level of competition established in the GTS series, it is extremely difficult to be competitive without a significant investment into Aero, Drivetrain, and Suspension modifications.  The money saved by using less expensive tires can be put towards the mods listed above, helping to shorten the time needed for the car to be built up to competitive standards. 

This rule change would have no impact on existing cars in the series.


Thank you for your consideration! 

Doug Schuler

Rocky Mountain GTS3

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I would vote no on this. Really just from the perspective of saying it's completely pointless. What you described with the BTM aero and toyo RR mod is literally an SE46. Those are $40k+ builds with MCS's/race carrier diffs etc. SE46's are in the 2:08 range at VIR and 1:24's at Summit Point on typical weekends. On Hoosiers I've seen they are about 1-2s faster. Most weekends GTS2 is running 2:05 at VIR and 1:19/20 at Summit. So realistically a car with BTM and toyo's literally has no chance to win. So why bother modifying the open rule set for this when it literally still makes no difference. I mean sure, if there's a late caution these cars will have a huge edge. But that aside, just seems pointless. I bet the delta in performance for GTS3 level cars would be even wider. Maybe for GTS1 cars it would work since power is so low. If there's any move on adding mods to GTS I would think tire width would be the focus. Otherwise don't even bother.

Lawrence Gibson



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