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Safecraft Left Side Window Net Rules Clarification


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I’m about to install a new window net in my ST2 Corvette.   I plan to install the SafeCraft left side window net with the push button quick release (available with either SFI or FIA rating).  Link here:


The install would look similar to the example photo below.   Casual discussion with several people in my region and past feedback from our NASA MA tech inspector suggests that this type of net does not meet the requirements of the CCR.   Below are the window net words out of the latest CCR (2022.1.3):

15.10 Windows / Window Nets
Vehicles shall be operated with both side glass windows fully open.
Window nets shall be used on the driver’s side window. The net shall be installed with a quick release mechanism at the top front mount so as to allow the window net to fall toward the floor of the vehicle when released. Fasteners must be metal and must be attached to the roll cage, and not the door or body. Drilling holes in the roll cage to mount the window net is strictly prohibited unless properly “bushed.” Plastic ties or Bungee (type) cords prohibited. The window net must be less than five (5) years old, carry an SFI or FIA label, and be in very good condition.

By my read of the rules I don’t see any reason why this net doesn’t meet the requirements of the CCR if properly installed.   I did a quick topic search on past forum posts and couldn’t find the answer.  I’m requesting the clarification in advance to avoid any conflict when getting my annual tech inspection and sticker in March.  Thanks,  -BG   @Greg G. @Roman V.



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  • National Staff

Hi, the CCR specifies the method of attachment and operation for the window net; it does not have a size or coverage requirement. Therefore, there is some flexibility in the exact location/position as long as the purpose of the net is satisfied. This purpose is to help keep the driver's arms and hands contained in the event of an incident, and to limit debris from entering the cockpit. Since the front of your net is attached lower in the door opening, I can understand why your regional tech inspector would see a potential issue with its installation. I suggest having a detailed discussion with your regional chief of tech; based on their guidance you might consider moving the attachment point a little higher.


National Chief of Tech

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When installing a window net, you should never neglect safety precautions; otherwise, a small accident can become fatal. I advise you to contact an installation specialist who can guarantee the reliability of its service.  I was recently engaged in replacing the windows on my car. My wife asked me to install a car shade. It turned out that Snap Shades for babies use smart magnetic technology, so I didn't hesitate to buy two at once.  I hope the technical inspection will not have any questions about the windows installation. Remember that the most important thing is your safety, so do not neglect the important components of the car.

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