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Stripped interior and aftermarket seats


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Is there a rule book one must follow for modifications made to a car for HDPEs?  Primarily interiors and seats along with seat belts and/or harnesses?

I've decided I want to change direction on a project from a fun street car to full on race car, but I'd start with HDPE1.  The interior is already completely gutted as I was planning a beige to black swap.  The seats I bought for it are a pair of Sparco R100 which are reclining and Sparco 4 point "street" harnesses - ironically, Sparco states these harnesses are strictly for racing vehicles and not intended for street or highway use.  I'd upgrade the seats and harnesses in the future, as well as install a roll cage, but the budget won't allow it for this season.  Can I roll with what I have?


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18 hours ago, Anderson Motorsports said:


In HPDE, you can more or less run anything. It just needs to be safe and road worthy.

That is not fully correct please look at the CCR specifically sections 11.3, 11.4 and 11.4.8.


In 11.3

The driver and any passenger must utilize modern style stock seatbelts in very good condition, or a DOT approved restraint system, while operating a vehicle on the track. Lap belts used without any shoulder restraints are not permitted. Restraint system requirements are listed in Section #11.4.8. The only fourpoint belt systems that are allowed for use in HPDE / TT are 1) those that carry an “FIA B-xxx.T/98 (or newer) certification, or 2) those that carry a label from the belt manufacturer stating that the belts meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 209 and that the belts were designated for the specific vehicle (e.g. “For use only in BMW E36 models”). Such label must be easily visible to the NASA inspector. Note- four-point belt sets that have a DOT-only certification are prohibited.

11.4 Vehicle Technical Regulations

Every vehicle entered in any NASA sanctioned HPDE event should meet or exceed these requirements. For any vehicle with safety equipment that has been added, modified, or removed, the technical standards found in Section 15 of the CCR will apply. Outdated racing belts may be allowed per Section 11.4.8 of the CCR.

11.4.8 Seatbelts and Harnesses

The seatbelts should be in good condition. No damage may be present on the seatbelts and they must be the factory configuration. Any harness or any restraint system, other than factory stock, shall conform to CCR section #15.5, in all respects except for the expiration regulations. Harnesses that are expired for racing may be used providing that they are in at least very good condition. Passenger seatbelts must meet the same minimum requirements per the CCR as the driver seatbelts if being used by a passenger. Note-passenger equipment need not match the installed equipment on the driver’s side. See Section 11.3 for more about four point harnesses. Stock / OEM belts should not be worn with hard shell, fixed back racing seats. Those seats should have a racing harness.

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