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Official Super Touring Class Decals?


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Hey all! 

I have been around NASA since 2009, but I have never seen an official class designation decal for SU, ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST5, and/or ST6? I know trackdecal.com has had SU, ST1, and ST2 decals for sale for years. I'm not sure if this was the official decal for ST?

SpecE46, Spec3, GTS1-GTSU, and Gridlife GLTC all have official class stickers, so I was thinking that having the class decals look a little more uniform may be something that adds some additional appeal for people to join? Something bold enough to stand out, but also a place to have your minimum weight written down by in a space below?

The minimum weight amount could be written down with marker on the sticker below the ST designation. The regional ST series leader could fill that in and give it to the competitor - which means they will need to be notified whenever a competitor makes a change to their car so they can be matched to the updated ST database entry for the event.

Not sure what the costs involved for a bulk order would be on a national level, but I think being a little more legit would go a long way. I can draft up some ideas, but I know we have a few graphic designers in here that would be much better at it than me ;) 






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