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MR/RR adder for 5 and 6 only??


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Does anyone have any background on the MR/R drivetrain adder?

Only 5 and 6 have it... But this is where power levels are lower and drivetrain differences are not as pronounced vs the higher classes, so what gives? Am I missing something?

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Yes. CG locations change how weight is transferred during braking/accel. NASA has decided to penalize/modify only its transversal location in 3d space.  And the location of the engine is the easiest way to take a swag at that. The benefits (or lack there of) of having a CG located more towards the rear will be present in any platform at any power level. The reason as to why they chose 5/6 and not others is beyond me.  And why they decided that AWD has enough of a performance benefit to require a hefty fine in points is nonsensical. Weight distribution of a FWD car with zero benefits in dry conditions at power levels under 400 hp. 

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