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Roll Cages

Mallett Zo6

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There is some info in teh VVC rules pdf which is located http://www.racenasa.com/pdf/rules_2003_vvc.pdf


There also is some info in the CCR which is located



I can post pics of my new cage install in a C5 vette if thats what you are looking for. If you looking for a shop to install a cage let me know and I will get you intouch with one of the best fabicators I have seen.


What year vette do you have? Planning on running the VVC series?

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No, I already have a custom 4pt cage installed and before I have it finished I want to see what te specifics are on the cages. I have Lance Mallett at Mallett Cars doing it. His cages are second to none.


But I just wanted to know if there were any changes I needed to take into consideration.


Thanks for your help.

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You should tell him that you need a SCCA T1 cage. He has built a couple of T1 cars and will know exactly what you need.


I priced him when I was shopping to have the cage redone in my T1 car. He quoted me about $8500 to $9000 for a cage and said that he uses DOM not Chrome-moly. He was the only cage builder out of 5 that I spoke to that said that they only use chrome-moly. The other builders all said that chrome-moly tubing is stronger that DOM and costs more to purchase. I didn't get from Mallett why he uses DOM over Chrome-moly. Other than weight what is the advantage?

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