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Some ST5 Goodness - NASA NE Race Finale Video from NJMP


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I am making this post to highlight a great season in ST5. With many different ST5 cars competing in the NE region, we saw some pretty epic battles this year. To Michael Natilli, Nick Barbato, Chris Rose, Patryk T., Ahmad L., Andre E., Vaughn H., Aidan C., Shaoyi C., Brewster C., David P. Bob R., and Taylor J. - It's been a blast racing with you all this year! Thank you to NASA and NASA Northeast for creating a great competitive playground for us racers.

My #44 E36 M3 runs a splitter/wing and used Maxxis RC-1 tires at the final event (previously on Toyo RR). Having a little more power with the +1.6 modifier helped me navigate through traffic a little easier. The rest of the cars were on Hoosiers and were unbelievable in the braking zones and in the turns. I'd pull on the straights just to have them gain back everything again entering a turn - you can see this in the video. What a great group of drivers and I cannot wait to battle with you again in 2023! I'm moving to ST4 to help grow the class in the NE. Super Touring is the best series, hands down.

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