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86 corvette, was getting prepped for vvc1


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For sale, I have a 1986 corvette, red exterior, with a 1996 body kit on it. Some of the highlights of the car:

406 sbc PAW racing block, lingenfelter roller cam, full roller everything in engine, lingenfelter super ram intake, 1000 cfm throttle body, Hooker supercomp headers, fresh 4+3 manual tranny, accel electrics, billy boat exhaust with two carbon fiber mufflers, very light AR rims wrapped in brand new Sumitomos, ZR1 brakes up front, stock in rear.


tires are 315/35 ZR 17's in back, 275's up front. car sits VERY low.


Suspension: car has been fully converted to adjustable coil-over suspension, no stock susp. parts on it. it will take a corner like few vehicles will.


interior has two Corbeau racing seats, both with Simpson 5-point harnesses. Momo steering wheel, no radio (was going to put 2-way there), heater works fine. all stock gauges work fine.


car weighs 3688 lbs with A/C and AIR pump still onboard for right now, weight distrib. was measured at 51/49 at the Horsepower Factory. Dyno'ed at 385hp / 405 ft/lbs of torque to the rear wheels. all it needs is a roll cage and a driveshaft loop, a few other minor things, it is ready to race.


$15,000 for the car. i am located in sunny Springfield, Illinois. The car will drive anywhere. Pics of it are available to be emailed, or can be seen at http://www.redtransam.com after January 12th, when i get my site updated.

feel free to PM me if you want to learn more about it, I am sure i forgot some stuff.

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Okay, the car is on ebay, and i lowered the price pretty drastically. here is the link:




it is ad number

Item number: 2458326053


on ebay motors.

i have had a few people contact me and offer me less, but at this point i think i have the car down to where it is very cheap for all you get.



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