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Ford Contingency - Pictures at track before your competition session


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I am at my first event of the season and have taken pictures.  I only will be qualifying for the Regional Championship contingency as my class (ST6) is not part of the event contingency program (yet... ;-) )


is there a place to send in the pre season pictures when I wont be sending in my claim until October if I qualify point wise at the end of the season?  Or do I just make sure I hold on to these and then also keep all subsequent event contingency pictures and submit my April pictures in October when I complete my form?  

I have already registered with Ford performance and received their sticker packet and applied the decals they provided for these pictures.


Thank you,


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@Aldrin V.I have submitted my year end regional championship for the Utah Region ST6 Class.  It did not allow for me to upload multiple sets of pictures so I included the ones from the last event that the regional had.  I am not sure what to do with the Earlier in the season pictures or if they are needed for the contingency.  I summitted the form on October 16th and want to follow up to see if anything else is needed as I have not heard anything back other than the initial confirmation. 


Thank you!

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