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Rollcage / HANS device question

Hector Morales

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I am planning to add a 4 point rollcage to my weekend trackday car. Last year I participated into a couple HPDE and day tracks events, by that time, the car had all seats and OEM seat belt. 

This year I installed a race seat and a 5 point race harness and I am planning to add a 4 point bolt-on rollcage. (half cage).


My questions are>>>. to run in HPDE/track days/Solo drive  with a Race seat + 5 point harness + 4 points rollcage,


1. Do I need to use a HANS device?

2. If I do not install a rollcage,  just using a race seat + 5 point harness, Do I need a HANS device? 


all your answers will be highly appreciated

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