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SCCA ITA 1983 Rx-7 for sale in Ohio


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1983 ITA Mazda Rx7. This is the fastest Rx7 currently racing in Central Division (at least the eastern half of CenDiv anyway). I can send many years of race results from Mid Ohio and Grattan to back that statement up. If you are not familiar with it, it is the grass green car with the yellow stripe on the hood. Consistently runs 1:47.5’s at Mid Ohio and 1:33.0 at Grattan. This car is FAST, extremely well sorted, set-up, clean, and reliable. I built the car from the ground up and have done every bit of work except the cage and the motor. Improvements include:


SDJ Motorsports engine with all the right improvements. Built with new rotor housings and end plates instead of half worn out old parts.

SDJ carb, distributor, and air cleaner.

HUGE SDJ oil cooler and stainless hoses.

New alternator.

MSD coils.

New (not rebuilt) steering box.

Custom nickel plated exhaust with stainless muffler

Koni single adjustable race (not street dampers) dampers up front

Hawk blue pads in front.

Stock trans with new syncros and 3-4th gear clutch hub.

Centerforce clutch.

Recently rebuilt limited slip unit with 4.88 rear gear.

Koni double adjustable race dampers (from a Mustang Cobra R) on the rear.

SDJ adjustable height watts linkage.

Hawk black pads in rear.

Aftermarket fuel pump with stainless hoses for PLENTY of fuel delivery.

Beautiful, 8-point McMahan Autosports custom cage with Nascar bars.

Kirkey aluminum seat.

Simpson harness.

Autometer gauges including EGT, O2, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, and huge, really cool, nonlinear, Autometer memory tach for high rpm engines.

Secondary ignition, fuel pump, and starter wiring to bypass unreliable factory wiring.

5 Kumho Victoracers with one weekend on them (perfect for future regrooved rain tires).


I am really not one to brag and boast, but I cannot stress enough how good this car really is. It has no overheating issues, is very well maintained, always gets new Mazda parts, is extremely reliable, requires almost no maintenance, and just plain screams on the track. If you are looking for a no-nonsense car that never has excuses, this is the one. The car comes with all my spares and a parts car if you want it. I am reluctantly quitting road racing because I just don’t have time anymore. I will prepare a document summarizing 9 years worth of racing with this car so you can benefit from my experience. I would like to see this car make someone as happy as it has made me so I will be glad to offer any help with it in the future. The car is located in Akron, OH. I will help with delivery if needed. $7000 OBO. Contact Tony Duncan at [email protected] or 330-256-4325 for questions and pics.

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