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Texas GPC, and others


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I would like to motion for a return to GPC as it was written originally in Texas. Since the national office has not given our class the attention it deserves, it is only fair that we run our regional class in the manner that invites great competition and has a fair rule package that is tried and true. We can later make a change, if desired, to what is nationally being run.

Right now, they are ateempting to design the class with a time-trial rule package.. that may make for fun laps. But, we need a series that keeps us (that are running in a competition fashion) safe and not avoiding from the safest race equipment for fear of a point system meltdown.


What are your thoughts?



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I agree with Brady on this one. We should run this season as a whole season with the GPC rules that we all started with. At the end of the season, we can have a solid idea where the National level people want the class to be. I am registered for Nationals in VVC1 because of the confusion with the GPC rules. Maybe we can look at the turnout at Nationals and develop the class around cars that are competing rather that fictional cars.


Of course, all this is academic if NASA wants to have a big group of cars on the track in the PT class. If that is the case, which has some merit, then lets go for that and get it done. All of this insecurity of the class can't be helping. Of course the sooner the better for me, because I have the heads off my car right now and if I have to try to keep up with Kevin and Brady, I need to do some secret Mojo to my car now.

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My car was Built for GPC-2, being the higher level, and would still qualify for VVC. Since the original VVC rules were used to create the GPC it should move back and forth easily.


Maybe we would be better off to run GPC-T (Texas) for a season and shake it down before it goes National. We have prommissed several other marques a place to run competitively in Texas under GPC rules. We have already run half the season under these rules.


I for one think we should move Brady's car to X! When his is done, its gonna be mean!

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  • National Staff

Due to time constraints, the release of the National GPC Rules will be postponed until after the NASA Championships.


The following classes will be eligible for the NASA Championships (assuming there are 4 or more cars registered per class): VVC, SU, HU, GTSU, AIX

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Who would i contact to get a special provision? I do not believe that i will be able to compete in 5 races before the National. My trailer is not here yet, not due until end of June. Car is in different location. With summer work that only leaves me 1 week in september.


is there anyone that i can write to get this provision to race with you guys in V V C ?

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