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Running TT3 but switched to TTU after the fact without any explanation.


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I was at CMP with NASA SE this weekend just instructing and running HPDE, I usually run TT with NASA but this weekend I just didn't have any proper tires to set down a good lap. One of my friends had an extra set of Hoosier A7's he sold to me at the track. I switched my registration to TT for Sunday and mounted them and ran 1 session in the morning to get them heat cycled, as a result I basically just did a few laps to get the tires up to temp and then 1 hot lap to set a time. That session did not have an impound and as a result there is no measured weight for my car in that session.

I understand that for a TT record to be valid you must go to impound after the session, I did not know I even had the record(or what the record was) after my session so I did not head to impound after my lap. I am perfectly ok with that and I would not want any record to be certified without a competitor heading to the scales after.

My only complaint is that I got moved to TTU and as far as I'm aware there is no rule that this should be the case after running TT3 with the proper documentation. When running TT it's often only the first cold session in the morning that can really provide the best conditions to set a fast laptime. Trying to do TT on a budget my plan is usually always just run 1 session per day on my tires, there is no reason for me to keep heat cycling the tires when I know an improvement is not possible.

I am running again at Road Atlanta next month and I will come into impound right after my session regardless of any impound requirement, because I do not intend to run more than 1 session per day unless I am not able to get a fast lap in on the first session. I hope this is an acceptable solution.

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I see that it's been resolved.. but a couple of things. Impressive to set a track record like that, you must have been flying.

Secondly, without a weight, of course they would move you to TTU.

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It was absolutely 100% my fault for not talking directly with the TT director prior to making the change to running TT Sunday. I asked the organizers running the event the day prior and it was approved, I rented a transponder from NASA and paid for the TT registration Saturday.

Understandable to not have the track record verified(as outlined by the rules), however there is no specific rule about needing a weight check for every session. NASA SE impounds randomly and they don't call you every session, most of the sessions of the day do not have a weight associated with them. 

By NASA's own rules I did nothing wrong(unless I missed something?), I simply went out set a lap time and pulled back in, there was no impound and as a result I didn't pull into it. Drivers are not required to run every TT session unless they are on their probationary period. 

I'm not running for any contingency at the moment so I'm ok with the fact they moved me to TTU. What I am not ok with is that this entire process was done behind my back and no one ever reached out to me. Nothing was brought up at the track, no one said anything during the TT meeting. It was simply something someone brought up after the fact and I didn't know about it until the results were posted. The only way I was able to get a reply was by posting here and sending out emails. There was also false information spread about my car going around that it was marked as a TT2 car(It was not). I assume this information came from the same driver that complained but I can't verify that. 

Just felt pretty unprofessional to me.

I understand that I am fairly new to TT so I understand the scrutiny from other drivers. I just wish it had been done in a public manner instead of the way it was done. Myself and the car were available at the track all day and nothing was every brough up. My car is completely stock power wise, I just have wheel/tires, I don't run any flat tune(or any tune at all), and I have no aero.

I played a big part in this by not making my intentions known directly to the TT directors, I should have been more direct. Water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned, I'm just going to make it out to the next event and run again, hopefully there will be no issues and we'll be able to get past this. 

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