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Spec3 2023 in review. Our largest year yet by far


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Spec3 2023 in review. Our biggest and best year yet!

Thank you everyone who has believed in Spec3, especially in the last couple of years. This class is objectively one of the best classes to join and we have proven this year over year with tremendous growth and an ever-growing number of satisfied racers singing the Spec3 gospel. We are poised for an even larger Spec3 season in 2024, hopefully seeing some races in SoCal, Florida, Great Lakes, and Mid South as well as a potential to bring another 10+ rookies online in new cars over the course of the season next year and the year after. I've compiled some rough statistics to show just how amazing our breakthrough 2023 season was. Keep in mind, NASA Southeast still has one more race at Road Atlanta!

  • This year Spec3 brought online 2 brand new regions of licensed racers, fielding championship fields in NASA Northeast and NASA Southeast for the FIRST TIME! These two regions are strong and will no doubt field larger seasons next year.
  • 19 Spec3 racers turned ~2500 laps of wheel to wheel racing and ~5000 total laps on track at NASA events this year. The most ever
  • ~45 w2w Spec3 races this year
  • Andy Schmidt, a second year Spec3 racer, turned the most laps of any Spec3 racer with over 350 points race laps, not included qualifying, warm up, beast of the east, or anything else not awarding season points. (I was second with ~250)
  • Spec3 fielded 8 cars at the NASA National Championships at Pitt Race. Our largest national championship field ever
  • Spec3 racers raced at 12 different race tracks across the United States (including places like Lime Rock Park, Roebling, AMP, and Rockingham for the first time)
  • Spec3 crowned a national champion and will have crowned 3 different regional champions by the end of the year. All 4 of those winners being different racers.
  • 7 Spec3 rookies raced Spec3 in 2023
  • 20+ new Spec3 builds were started in 2023 bringing us over 60+ cars in various states of completion
  • Spec3 builders in HPDE attended events in 7 different NASA regions at tracks like Buttonwillow, Sebring, Gingerman, Mid Ohio, Club Motorsport, and other world class tracks.
  • Multiple Spec3 builds began in California in 2023 as well
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