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Transponder question


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I bought mine from my Regional Director, Ryan Flaherty. You might try your RD or Ryan.


It made sense in the long haul because it pays for itself in less than two years compared to rental.

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Are transponders "universal"?


The transponders everyone is talking about are the AMB Red transponders. Any event that uses AMB timing (almost all amateur roadracing) will be compatible with any AMB transponder.


Each transponder contains a unique serial number, so you never have to worry about someone else having your number.


I'd say AMB transponders are about as universal as you can get, if that is any answer, but you should check with your local region and track to see what they use.

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The cheapest place I've seen for AMB transponders is pca.org (Porsche club of america). Click 'club racing' and you should be able to find it from there. They sell them for $250...supposedly take 4 weeks to receive but I got mine in a week. This only makes sense if you area member of the PCA since you have to be one to buy it.

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Just to update...


Florida SCCA sells direct powered transponders for $283 (incl. shipping + sales tax in FL, NC & NY) to any SCCA members, nationwide. (PDF form)


PCA members can use the order form on this page to buy a direct powered TranX260 for $285, including shipping.


Retail prices are around $315 (On-Track Performance) to $325 (O.G. Racing & Pegasus).

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