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VVC National Number Choices


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James Forbis

VVCx # 52


1650 HP Twin Turbo Monster

C5 Vette - 2100 Lbs.



I'm glad I'm not in that class!! I'll stick to my lowly VVC1 class.

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I'll be running #32.


Not sure about which class, right now at the dyno I am only 400hp (so good for VVC2)....but the dry sump would bump me into X as the rules stand.


Is there any good reason for this? My engine isn't lowered, nor does the HP gains effect anything. Why not make accusumps or other engine savers X too?



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What number do you want me to take. I never put numbers on my car until i get to the track....never know if i'm going to make it....

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What ever your preference would be. It would be ideal if you did not want a number that is already spoken for.


My number 51 was just one I ended up with and did origianlly have any special meaning. I think it was the closest thing to my original number 54 I could get. So it has stuck for 7 seasons.

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