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Club Spring Mountain Charter Membership for Sale


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Spring Mountain is a state of the art motorsports country club located in Pahrump Nevada, 45 minutes from Las Vegas and 3.5 hours from Los Angeles. It features a fantastic race track, (multi-configuration, longest track in NA), estates, garages, resort quality amenities (pool, fitness area, club house, a lake and water sports), and excellent professional staff.  The race track is comprised of over 6 miles of road course with more than 50 available configurations combining fast sweeping corners, quick esses, off-camber turns, over 125 ft of elevation change and 4 high-speed straights. Track information can be viewed here: https://www.springmountainmotorsport...ity/race-track

The club is set in a beautiful mountain backdrop. In addition to the race tracks, the club includes premium amenities such as a clubhouse, condominiums, private garages, a 4.5-acre freshwater lake and more. 

Additional information about the club membership can be found here: https://www.springmountainmotorsport...ub/memberships

They also have an annual race series for multiple classes of racing. 

Performance Driving Schools - Racing Schools - Motorsports Country Club | Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

Great track configurations, facility, amenities, service and staff. Great for all sorts of cars and racing (Radical, Wolf, Porsche, Miata, Ferrari, Lotus, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, etc.)
Lots of great features and amenities at the track:
• Longest track in North America (3+ configurations can be run at the same time)
• Radical/Wolf mechanics on site (Full service - minor to major)
• Garages
• Fuel on site
• On site rolling Dyno
• Clubhouse w/ full food and bar service
• Lake Spring Mountain and waterfront sports and beach
• Pool, Gym, Racquetball court
• Condos / hotel rooms on site
• Residential lots available for sale
• Lots of amenities at the track and nearby

Lots of different ways for you and your family to get on track:
• Organized members club races (Radical, Miata, Sports cars)
• Open lapping sessions
• On the track with groups that rent the track (both cars and bikes)

This Charter Membership is fully transferable and I am regretfully selling mine as I am no longer able to race. Please PM if interested in getting in at a sizeable discount!

Overview: https://www.springmountainmotorsports.com/club-spring-mountain/membership


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Hello. Is this still available? I am very interested but I can’t figure out how to PM on this forum. I believe my email is attached to this reply. Can you please contact me there? Thank you.

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I do not YET have a NASA number so I am not allowed to join this forum.    I just toured the track at Pahrump.   Could you please email me?     [email protected]  or 208-251-7932.   Thank you very much.   Kenny

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Well it may not be from the same person as the OP but someone contacted me about this and we are now proud members of Club Spring Mountain!  Super excited to get some track time and will be looking at track and/or race cars soon!

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Hey all. So this membership has now sold, but a fellow member and racing buddy is moving abroad and asked me to inform whomever has expressed interest. Great deal to be had if quick close before his annual dues are charged this month (Feb).

DM me and I will connect you

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