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Race Slicks and GPC-2


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We had a quarrum (4) at our race in Houston to discuss some current issue facing GPC-2 and above.


We are comfortable with allowing GPC-2 cars to run slicks with no penalty. We feel any car prepared to the level and power to weight ratios used in GPC-2 will have tire issues based on DOTs.


GPC-1 will continue to use DOT's as specified in the current rules. Reason, based on power to weight and class entry point. T1 prepared cars are the base entry point for GPC.


Porsche Cup Cars should all run in GPC-X, based on overall performance capabilties, engine indifference and none have been willing to run without their slicks.

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That sounds good Kevin. How will that integrate with the VVC-2 rules? As a lowly GPC/VVC-1 car it does not matter to me, but I bet your cars will all run a lot better. Of course, I would be willing to take anyone's 18" DOT's that they don't want any longer.

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