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Professional car transportation to PHX and back.

Tim Comeau

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Ok guys,

Yet another service coordinated by yours truly to make your 944-spec racing experience a little better!

I'm negotiating with a driver who has a car hauler that will haul up to 8 cars to and from Phoenix for $1600.00. (That's the price right now.) He'll pick up the cars on Friday afternoon and have them to the track for Saturday morning. Load them up again on Sunday and have them back in SoCal late Sunday night.

Some of the details we know or still need to work out are:

1. Better price. Obviously, the fewer the cars, the more $$$.

2. Hotel room for him on Sat. night.

3. If we get 8 944's and the transporter is full, we'll need to get him a rental car for Sat/Sun.

4. We need to work out a rendezvous point. He's in Spring Valley. We could tow our cars for a short distance to meet at the same place for loading and unloading. I'd like to find a lockable, fenced in area to leave the cars in over Sunday night. Then have our drivers pick the cars up on Monday evening after work?

This means we could get the cars loaded up, then pile into Eric's suburban, throw some gas money at him, and drink beer all the way to PHX! (with the strippers in the back seat!) This would save a couple hours of tow time, plus now I know some short cuts to make the road trip shorter. Maybe later in the year we could fly, saving more time AND money. (55 minutes).



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I used the drop and deliver method for a POC event, it was a great way to go. Dropped the car off at a central location, flew into Vegas and met the guys at the hotel. Then the truck was at the venue Sunday night and left the car with them, picking up Monday lunch time. A great way to do it. The trouble is, you guys all the way down in SD!


Can he drive from SD to an LA area? Maybe I could talk Nissan into allowing a pick up point here somewhere in Gardena?



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I told you I wasn't going to make Phx. It's too many weekends for me besides it's my oldests Birthday weekend. If I miss that I have the wrath of a 9 year old and a divorce lawyer to deal with. I would love to do it but it's just not in the cards.

Maybe next time,


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Naw.......I really wasn't expecting you this time. The truck deal might not even happen this time......depends on demand. Just so you guys know the service is out there and waiting. There are some great tracks in PHX. I will, however, be expecting The Lowenbrau Special" at Fontana in March. Or you'll have to cut down a shrubbery using only a herring!


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