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What Engine Shop Should I go with in Colorado - Spun Rod S54


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Hi Everyone,

Hi, I'm Aaron - I am in the Nasa RM region. I have been tracking my BMW E46 M3 for about 10 years of and on. The car has about 145K miles on her - Bearing replaced at about 55K

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I have spun a Rod Bearing at my last outing at HPR.  Although, there is no metal in my oil, or oil filter, so I am hopeful the damage is minimal. For now, I have no rods shooting out of the side of the block. But it makes a heck of a ticking sound with any revs :?

For my CO BMW folks- 

What race/engine shop would you recommend for doing an engine swap. If I go that route. Or is there a shop that can just rebuild the bottom end? Other than the bearing the motor has been strong. So I am open to the option of a rebuild if possible. However, from my understanding it sounds best to just swap in a new built motor ?

I have worked with SCR performance in the past and they do great work. I am sure they could do the job or work with en engine builder. However, I am located in CO Springs, so I am wondering if there is any place closer to me that can be trusted to do the job?  

I have  also considered a Lang Racing stage one engine, or Rouge Engineering offers something very similar.  I am looking for a shop I can trust that understands what these engines go through and that can make the swap if I have one of these motors shipped in. 


Does anyone have experience with this issue?





Thank you,


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