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National ECU Question.

Carlos Mejia

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I have been to many National Events. Only one as a driver. Previously some tape or a sticker was put over the OBD2 port.  I just switched over to the Holley Terminator and since i can change the tune on the touch screen, what is Nasa going to require for me to be legal. The tune will have a time stamp on it. I can also have a time when i went to the dyno. My car can possibly make close to 600rwhp compared to the 520ish rwhp for my weight in my classification form. Not sure how else i can lock the tune unless i remove the screen which shows all the vitals of the engine.  

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  • National Staff

From the ST Rules:

2) At no time during a competition session shall any configuration be available or utilized
which would allow the vehicle to produce higher horsepower or RPM numbers on track
than on the submitted Car Classification Form or during post-competition Dyno testing.
For example, if the vehicle ECU has the option to store multiple configurations which produce
different power levels, the Car Classification Form must correlate with the configuration that
produces the highest power numbers possible. (It is no longer permitted to use a lower
horsepower program to class the car when multiple configurations exist—regardless of the
reported ability, or lack thereof, of the driver to access them.)


So, its really more of a matter of what you can do to make the car compliant.  The car cannot be able to make more HP than permitted by the Wt/HP Ratio by electronic changes.  

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No reason to keep the 600 HP tune loaded onto the Holley.

If you can show that you only have one stored tune, then it doesn't matter if the terminator has the ability to switch tunes on the fly.


Save the other tune on a laptop instead

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