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SCCA STU / NASA ST5 Winning Miata!


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Please email me if you have questions. Updated/Current as of May 2024. 

Asking: $26,000 - Open to competitive offers.

Additional photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1dDP7Xc63bDSdCPd9

Time has come to move on with retiring from racing after 20 years. I raced this car from 2013-18 for JCM Motorsports. We raced NASA Midwest and Great Lakes back then - taking multiple track records, podiums, series wins, and lots of free tires/brakes.

I purchased the car in late 2021 and raced one SCCA Majors race in 2022 taking 3rd on both days. Sunday-funday, stewards started the race 10 mins early and I ended up last in field at the start of the race (40+ cars). Working my way back through the field to 7th overall and 3rd in class. Car is a hot knife in butter when you want to wheel it.

I rebuilt the top end of the motor and inspected as I went in late 2022. Added the turbo intake cam for more lift and duration, new intake/TB, injectors - stretching the rev limiter to 8000 (can go higher but our of HQ/TQ - cam limited). Shifted the powerband up to gain reduced shifts on track. And now scares the hell out of Porsche club friends when you run under Mid Ohio T1 at 8000 rpm.


Multiple Wins, Track Records, Regional Championships (NASA ST5, TT5, PTD, TTD)
3rd place finishes (2) in last SCCA Majors race in June 2022 at Mid Ohio

1990 Miata chassis (car does have a title, non-plated)
1999 Miata long block 2014 build ~1.8L
155whp / 123 wtq -- 8000 rpm 2023 numbers
2035 lbs STU minimum weight w/driver and fuel

Boundary billet oversized oil pump gears
2001+ main bearing support plate and oil pan
Ported cylinder head and bowl
ACL race bearings
APR head and main bolts
Carrillo forged h-beam connecting rods
Supertech 11:1 pistons 0.2 oversize
Supertech dual valve springs
Shim under bucket conversion
LSx coil packs
FM coolant reroute
Tomei intake cam gear
Amsoil Racing oil 15w-50 changed 7/24/2023
RX8 425cc Injectors
Skunk2 Intake 1.85L volume (inc./0.5L spacer)
Skunk2 64mm TB
Fuelab Pressure Regulator
NGK 7 non-res spark plugs gap 0.035
Flyin' Miata Dual Feed Fuel Rail
165lph @ 40psi Fuel Pump DeatschWerks
NA Fuel Filter
MSM BP-5A Intake Cam 251 .349 (stock 248 .326)
KOYORAD thickcore radiator
ACT clutch and lightweight flywheel
Mega Squirt ECU w/output to Android phone/tablet (not included) that displays RPM and engine metrics

SuperMiata coilovers
Reinforced front control arms
BroFab BMW E30 front hubs
Adjustable swaybars
Hawk DTC-60 pads
Braided Lines
4 - 14x7n random wheels with Hoosier H20 - currently used as winter storage wheels
16 - Konig "Dial In" 15x8
Hoosier A6 tires
Hoosier R6 tires
Pirelli medium non-DOT tires
DemonSpeed tire warmers ($1000 system)

APR wing with custom risers (STU/ST5 legal)
Front air dam and undertray (STU/ST5 legal)
Fiberglass roof

SCCA/NASA certified cage (w/logbooks)
6-point harness (OK for DE, need to be updated for W2W)
Kirkey AL seat - fix mounted and braced
Fire suppression system - engine, cabin, fuel tank coverage
RaceKeeper Black data acquisition system with 2 video feeds ($2225 system)
GR Racing Short Throw Tall Shifter
LED shift lights
Dual dashboard - SCCA rules require a dash...NASA does not. DE does not. So OE Miata dash cover is over the aluminum one.

Track Records Achieved:
GingerMan 6/25/16 NASA Performance Touring D – 1.46.964
Pitt Race Full Course 6/3/17 NASA Performance Touring D – 2.06.690
Mid-Ohio Pro Course 8/26/17 NASA Time Trial D – 1.39.622
Mid-Ohio Club Course 8/27/17 NASA Time Trial D – 1.42.357
National Corvette Museum 3/25/18 NASA Super Touring 5 – 2:23.556
National Corvette Museum 3/25/18 NASA Time Trials 5 – 2:26.989
Mid-Ohio Club Course 4/22/18 NASA Time Trials 5 – 1:40.722
Mid-Ohio Pro Course 5/26/18 NASA Super Touring 5 – 1:38.483
Mid-Ohio Pro Course 5/26/18 NASA Time Trials 5 – 1:38.941
Mid-Ohio Club Course 5/27/18 NASA Super Touring 5 – 1:40.454


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  • Smike changed the title to SCCA STU / NASA ST5 Winning Miata!

Fired right up while having the garage resurfaced. Very competitive car! 

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