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Hi all, 
Looking for some tips, advice, or whatever you think is relevant to help, please? 
We have 2 Camaros and a Mustang that fit this category built here but have been shipped over.  Raced a couple of races last year in another series but love the look of this series and the enduros which will be a big attraction for Aussies to come over and compete in. 
I have emailed a few people but still not any the wiser. The head office told me everything I need is on the website, yep the website is pretty useful but still missing what I am after.
They also told me the car is a super tourer, yet it fits AI. 

Can someone please tell me the timing website used and if I can go and look at previous events to see entry numbers, schedule, race lengths etc? 
Insurance, over here we don't insure the car but is that a big thing over there, and approx cost? 
Arrive and drive, can anyone shed some light on costs please?  We have an approx figure but it would be good to know where it sits with others, and what is included.
We are open to offering this to drivers over there. 
Hoping to get over there for Willow Springs in May for the 3 hour, if we can find a driver. 

Cheers in advance for any help. 

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  • National Staff

Any car can fit into Super Touring, and that, of course, includes American Iron. Super Touring uses power to weight ratio for classing, so a car built to the Super Touring rules can be more competitive than one that just slots in from another class. 

NASA uses Speed Hive for timing. 


The official NASA results page is linked below. 


Insurance is available stateside. For track days, it's not terrible. For racecars, it's significant. 


Arrive and drive seats cost — roughly — anywhere from $500 to $1,000 US depending on the number of drivers, length of race, entry fees, etc. 

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