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Mid-Ohio Competition Licensing and Coaching Programs


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NASA Members …. Read On for Details on Licensing and Special Programs


Competition Licensing, NASA Coaching among The Mid-Ohio School’s offerings


A lot of interest and questions have been raised by NASA members in The Mid-Ohio School’s driving and racing programs since they were announced in our last newsletter. Outlined below are the complete details and answers to many of the commonly asked questions on the programs. Please note that some of the guidelines have changed as a result of feedback from NASA members. The Mid-Ohio School is proud to be the “Official Driving and Licensing School of NASA.”



Competition Licensing


When are these classes scheduled?

*Held on the three Thursdays prior to Ohio and Indiana Region NASA events at Mid-Ohio (April 20, July 6, August 10).


It seems expensive. What are the benefits of attending?

*You’ll get over four hours of dedicated track time at the demanding Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course circuit.... more than you would get on an entire NASA weekend. The day includes five classroom and five track sessions.

*Upon successful completion, you will receive a NASA Competition racing license to go racing that weekend without having to give up the whole weekend to get your license. We cannot guarantee a success rate of 100% as there is a driver’s ratings guideline for licensing by NASA that we will strictly adhere to.

*More comprehensive and detailed instruction with one-on-one attention from The Mid-Ohio School’s instructors who know NASA’s new championship track the best.

*Get race craft and race situation training.


Who is eligible to enroll?

*NASA HPDE4 participants and graduates of The Mid-Ohio School’s Lapping Program or an equivalent racing series and driving course.

*Those holding competition licenses already are welcome to participate to brush up on the track or a few specific skills.

*Class size is limited to 24 participants.


What are some of the drills I will do?

Some of the exercises include lead-follow lapping, side-by-side lapping, practice starts from various grid positions, practice races and race situations.


Why would I want to use The Mid-Ohio School’s Acura TSX A-SPEC for the higher price?

*Learn in the school's car and avoid putting “wear and tear” on yours (like brakes and tires) or worrying about doing maintenance that could end your day and your quest to get a competition license.

*If you’re traveling a far distance and are just coming to get licensed and some track time at Mid-Ohio, avoid spending time and money towing your car to Mid-Ohio.

*You have the option of using your own car to reduce the price of enrollment.


What is the price?

*$1,400 using the Acura TSX A-SPEC ($1,190 for NASA members)

$1,050 with your own car (car must be equipped with standard competition safety equipment). ($890 for NASA members)

*NASA members only receive a 15% discount off of the price.



NASA Coaching


When is this program offered?

*Held on the three Fridays of the Ohio and Indiana Region NASA events at Mid-Ohio (April 21, July 7, August 11).


What are the benefits?

*You’ll get a dedicated 45 to 60-minute lead-follow lapping session on Friday morning. The Mid-Ohio School instructors will show you the proper line around the track and also follow you to provide feedback on your technique.

*During the ”shot gun” rides in the passenger seat of The Mid-Ohio School’s cars during the lunch break, you will get tips from the instructors on how to run faster and smoother around Mid-Ohio.

*One-on-one feedback sessions with The Mid-Ohio School’s instructors throughout the afternoon NASA track sessions will focus on your particular needs.


Who is eligible to enroll?

*Any NASA member entered into that weekend’s Ohio and Indiana Region event including HPDE participants.

*You do not have to be entered into the NASA event that weekend; however, you will only get track time in the morning lead-follow session and shot gun rides at lunch that are operated by The Mid-Ohio School. You must be licensed by an equivalent race series to NASA or by NASA to enroll.

*Space is limited to 20 participants.


Can I use the school’s car?

*You must use your own car that meets the guidelines to participate in the weekend’s NASA event.


What is the price?

*$295 for NASA members.

*$350 for all other eligible participants.


Stay tuned for details on the National Auto Sport Association Championships School and Test Days scheduled for September 11-13 presented by The Mid-Ohio School. NASA member get at 15% discount on all driving programs offered by The Mid-Ohio School. Take advantage of this for your friends and family.

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