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2024 Hoosier contingency missing key info on NASA website

Justin M.

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Hello. I just learned the hard way that the Hoosier contingency information on the NASA website is not complete and missing some key information for claim redemption. It should probably be updated so others don't run into the situation I just encountered.

I just purchased a new set of Hoosiers and submitted claims for my events ran last month, based on the fact that the NASA website says proof of purchase must be dated within 180 days of the event (so I assumed before or after qualifying race events). Hoosier denied the claims.

On the NASA contingency page under additional information, it says:

  • Proof of purchase must be dated within 180 days of the event.

However, the Hoosier PDF contingency guidelines says:

  •  Proof of purchase must be dated within 180 days of the event. Any invoice dated after the qualifying event in which a contingency was earned will not be accepted. Tires purchased during a race weekend from a servicing dealer or distributor will be eligible to claim towards contingency earned for that weekend.

The Hoosier contingency PDF is only found on the actual registration/redemption pages on the Hoosier website (click through 2 forms). Their website itself has conflicting information and mentions nothing about the invoice date. I guess I know for the future to always go check the PDF, since that seems to be the source of truth.


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  • National Staff

Thanks for bringing that to our attention the Hoosier Program page on the NASA site has been updated to reflect that


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