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What a National Field 10 registered cars


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Hey we got it. 10 cars registered, this is awsome. 6 Chevy's vs 4 Dodges..This should make for some great racing. Should make for some great fun working our way thru the field. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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10 cars is great!! Only problem is now we have all the 944 cars in our group as well as SU. I bet we have 50+ cars. Thats gonna be a zoo!!!

I worry about the guys in the CSR's. Those cars are wicked fast..probably 7 secs faster/lap then us and no telling how much faster then the Pcars. I'd be scared to death passing cars in one of those things. I don't think we are gonna see them coming.


I'm also worried about having to do a friday and saturday Qualifying race.

I hate to put the car in jeapordy and miss the race sunday..bummer.


Anyway see you guys wednesday nite at the meeting.

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I don't know if you would notice running over on of the CSRs or Lotus types, you would have to look out the rearview mirror for a debris field.


Tell you what Bob, I'll lift in the qualifying race if you do.


See ya'll Wednesday!

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