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Team Mom

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Congratulations to all my boys who participated in the 2006 25 Hour at Thunderhill. I never heard a harsh word or witnessed any rude behavior despite the cold, the wind, and the prospects of trouble towards race end. Every one of you acted professionally throughout. I am proud to say that I was one of the PDQ Motorsports team and thankful that I was allowed to participate again. Thanks again for a wonderful time; can’t wait to 2007! Mikey...next year...you will have Chili!!!


The Cook!

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Whew, just finally got to sit down!


Robyn, the pleasure was all ours. All of the guys raved about the spread you laid out for us!!!! Not having to worry about doing the food myself is a huge relief. There is no way that I can even come close to providing what you did.


The way I look @ it is this. The drivers & crew keep the car going. You keep the drivers & crew going. Without you, we would not have suceeded!!

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NO......THANK YOU!!!


Every year you do such a wonderful job of taking care of the food and drink for us. The food was excellent and everyone loved the pork and the soup (I need the recipe for the pork).


I'll speak for everyone since a majority of the guys don't visit this site. We love you being there for us. If Mike every tells us that you won't be there for the next one, I'll have some serious apprehensions about coming out to help.


Thanks Robyn, we love you.



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