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I didn't know that they made bungee cords that long............


you have never seen people bungee jump off bridges? You can get then in almost any length, but you can only use them a few times.

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wait 'till I move up there to start it. I have a nifty new way to make the cage an integral part of the unibody. It will be stronger, less intrusive, and of course, bad ass! Best of all it is legal in HC, and hopefully ITA as well.

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....well I guess you guys didn't realize that I have a super duper bungie cord release. Once I bungie past the offending driver/car, it automatically disengages.


Mike L., I am almost positive that you can't weld the cage to the body for IT comp. What you can do is make it so tight that it rubs. You know, friction fit.

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