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We just did the ChampCar at Sonoma last weekend.  Good turn out.  40 cars.   With no TREC races in NorCal (our region) and only one in SoCal, it makes it hard to want to do all the extra work for one race.   (Re-new NASA licenses, change numbers, different rules, etc.)  

We did the first TREC race at Sonoma and hopeful that there would be more. I wish there were because no one is running that many endurance format races in NorCal/SoCal and I like the idea of a shorter 2.5 hour -4 hour format.   Maybe its too competitive and fractured with Champ Car and Luck Dog already doing it. 

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We will post updates in this forum once regions put some dates on their calendars. 

Nismo is 350HP at the crank, but at the wheels it is only about 295-305 so well under the 10:1 . . . I don't understand why it would not be eligible. I think a little more clarification on the powe

This was a typo as @Will F. pointed out earlier. It will be addressed in the next rules revision.

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Thanks for the great feedback. If you enjoy shorter races we have 5 races scheduled in a series called Western Endurance Racing Championship that has been around for 20 years.


Its a much more competitive format than TREC but if you hold a racing license and looking for serious racing, we would welcome you to check it out.


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On 2/12/2020 at 3:58 PM, Rob Walker said:

Looking for clarification, no minimum number of drivers, correct?  I.e. I can iron-man both races for $425 on Feb 29, Mar 1 at Big Willow?


You may gave as many drivers as  you wish for this race. Thanks!

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On 2/19/2020 at 9:53 AM, Ryan F. said:

You may gave as many drivers as  you wish for this race. Thanks!

Ryan:  Maybe I missed something.   I thought this was scheduled for 2.races on Saturday (2.5-3 hours each), and one 6 hour event.  Has this changed, and if so, what is the current format.   What time are the TREC events scheduled to start on each day.  If the start is late enough on Saturday, can I bring my car on Saturday morning to tech inspection?  

My bad... I think I found it.  Look like tech inspection is only open on Friday from 3-6 p.m.   And it looks like there are two 2.5 hour TREC races; one on Saturday and the other on Sunday.    Given the short duration of each race, do the TREC rules still require a fuel stop during the first hour of each race?  


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Fuel stop rules have been modified by event supplemental to:

"All vehicles must add no less than 5 gallons of fuel at some point before the end of the race."

If you plan on driving, please enroll today or email me with your plans.



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